About the Founder


Founder and CEO

Angela Calo has spent the majority of her career performing and is a member of SAG-AFTRA and the Actors Equity Association. 

While she has no plans to stop entertaining, the call to improve the industry standards for auditioning were too loud to ignore. Therefore, an entrepreneur and mobile app creator was born!

Angela has been meeting with Casting Directors and fellow entertainers in an effort to onboard users. If you are interested in the Gig2Gig App, please subscribe to our updates. 

The mission of Gig2Gig is not only to provide user friendly features to casting directors, agents, and audition monitors, but also to focus on improving the overall mental health and well being of talent within the industry. 

Just by knowing the feedback and/or the outcome of your audition allows you to plan your life! It allows you to move forward, and focus on the next step rather than the 'what if?' No more living with anxiety, wonder, and wait. 

Gig2Gig will make sure that artists, agents, and casting directors alike have a user friendly and strong platform focused on improved communication at auditions, a more efficient casting process allowing for a larger number of performers to be seen per day, and a more skilled pool of talent thanks to the instant feedback that promotes and encourages artistic growth. 


Alain Briançon, PhD

Dr. Alain Briançon, Chief Technology Officer and VP Data Science of Cerebri AI, is a serial entrepreneur and inventor (over 250 patents worldwide) with a vast experience in data science, enterprise software, wireless. Through different startups (NTERA, Horizon Analog, Kitchology, DemSoft, Cerebri AI), Alain has applied AI to IoT predicting appliance failures, electioneering management, food and diet management, and now creating next best actions for Fortune 500 companies. Dr. Briançon held executive and leadership positions at InterDigital, Motorola, Comsat, GTE, and BellSouth. He holds a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.