Industry changing features only offered with Gig2Gig


Personalized QR Code Audition Scan In

With personalized QR codes, a real time running wait list, and a user friendly casting platform, talent will now have access to instant feedback and be able to leave their audition knowing if they have booked the gig or not. This audition Mobile App will send real time updates and notifications to the performer and the features of the platform will bring casting calls to the next level. 


Casting Capabilities

Casting Directors will be able to use the mobile app to click on the name that is next on the running wait list and view that performer’s profile on their tablet or device. Casting can use the Team Feedback and internal rating features in the audition room to tag, select, comment, and group performers into the category of their choice. This audition Mobile App will also have Video Recording Capabilities that will store each audition video directly to that performer’s audition profile for casting to review at any time. Casting will also be able to provide the talent with a yes or no answer following their audition, and if they desire, they can suggest what the performer can work on for next time.


Efficiency and Organization

Gig2Gig will provide real time notifications and updates, file and media storage, a state of the art casting platform, a marketplace, and features that make it possible to provide instant feedback to the performer. This Audition Mobile App will improve the lives of industry professionals around the world! Your casting calls will be more efficient, more organized, and more beneficial to every artist who walks through the door. 

Next Generation Integration



Talent Agent


Everything you need for an audition will be at your fingertips with Gig2Gig. Scan in to auditions, receive feedback, notifications and updates, store media and documents, and access tools that can help you grow as an artist. 



Talent Agent


This state of the art casting platform will make your casting calls more efficient and organized. Find the right performers for your project, cut out the busy work, communicate with ease, and store information in your own secure client database. 


Talent Agent

Talent Agent

Talent Agent

Search breakdowns, drag and drop "easy submit" feature, manage appointments and schedules, communicate with casting and clients, keep track of all clients by viewing feedback, casting notes, and audition footage.

Why Gig2Gig?



Gig2Gig is the support you need to get the next gig!
With a scan in system, running wait list, up to the minute notifications, instant feedback from casting directors, and a marketplace for industry learning and development, Gig2Gig will give you the tools you need to book the next job.



Casting Calls Made Easy!
Performers are in the right place, at the right time, and ready when you are! Gig2Gig will organize and expedite your casting call so that you can get more talent through the door and see the right talent for the role! 



Keep your clients in the know with audition feedback at your fingertips.
Save time with the easy direct submit feature, access to casting director messaging, feedback, casting call outcomes for each of your clients, and the ability to manage your entire roster from a single platform.

App Explainer Video

Just a few features of the NEW Gig2Gig Mobile App

What is Gig2Gig?

CEO & Founder, Angela Calo, talks about why this platform is so desperately needed in the entertainment industry.