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The World’s First Online Choreography Marketplace!

The first of its kind, Choreography Online is an online platform that allows dancers, teachers, dance school owners, and company artistic directors to easily purchase choreographic licenses and to perform otherwise inaccessible dance pieces from skilled and talented choreographers from around the world. 



Access to diverse styles of choreography will allow dancers to learn more and grow both technically and artistically.

Currently, Choreography Online is looking for quality choreographers that come from 

diverse backgrounds and styles who are interested in selling performance rights to their work!



  1. Open a free Choreography Online choreographer account by visiting and clicking on "I'm a choreographer."
  2. Open a free PayPal account In order to receive payment for your sold licences. 
  3. Film your choreographic pieces and upload them to the platform.






Company Name: Stage Door Unlocked


Contact Person: Nate Plummer, Actor's Coach & Founder


Gig2Gig Discount: $10 off any coaching session with coupon code: GIG2GIG

About Us: 

Stage Door Unlocked is an internationally known online actor training and resource business. We offer online coaching sessions and training groups in acting, voice, and audition preparation. We also train you in the business side of the industry, offering coaching sessions in headshots, resumes, websites, social media, branding and more. Our clients can currently be seen in over 30 states on regional, national tour, and Broadway stages, as well as in various tv, film, and commercial projects airing around the country. We believe that industry training should be as easy as coffee with a friend and strive to embody that approach in every part of our business. We aim to give you all the information you need to unlock your stage door.

Broadway Dance Center

Broadway Dance Center


Take class with world-renowned teachers and choreographers at our adult drop-in studio! We offer more than 350 classes weekly in tap, jazz, theater, hip-hop, and more in a wide variety of levels. In addition to our daily drop-in schedule, we offer a host of specialized workshops, master classes, and events throughout the year, as well as full-time programs for US and international students. BDC is also proud to offer programming for children and teens. Whether you're an absolute beginner or an established professional, we have something for you! Visit


Promo Code: GIG2GIG ($4 OFF one drop-in class!)

Contact:, 212-582-9304

Broadway Dance Center


Get that messy sheet music in your book cleaned up and make the audition pianist your best friend.

When creating your music SaveMyAudition will focus on creating a clean, easy to read piece of sheet music. We'll take care of the work for you. Page turns will be set up to make the pianist's life easier. Tempo and style markings will be included. Chords, lyrics and notation will be clean and easy to read. No more "Road Maps" to explain to your pianist. Simple easy to follow music.

Share the big news

Share the big news



The Portable Studio comes to you! 

Record Voice Overs, Character Reels, Video Game Voice Reel, Impressionist Reel, Tracked Vocal Recording, 

Visit Website for Details

Share the big news


Visit Voquent for online Voice Over Work and Submissions.  

Miles Chicoine  |  Managing Director

Voquent Limited. 71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ

Tel: +44 (0) 203 6033 676  Mobile: +44 (0) 7747 821675

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Legacy Learning Systems

LA Photographer Bradford Rogne

LA Photographer Bradford Rogne


Nearly all of us have that one thing we've always wanted to learn. To paint. To dance. To play an instrument. Whatever it is, we all have something we wish we could do. A personal dream.At Legacy Learning Systems our mission is "Bringing Personal Dreams Within Reach." This applies to those people who purchase our products and learn a skill that they have dreamed about their entire lives as well as our affiliates. We want to bring YOUR personal dreams within reach!That is our mission. To make difficult skills accessible through multimedia self-education courses. To bring personal dreams within reach.

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LA Photographer Bradford Rogne

LA Photographer Bradford Rogne

LA Photographer Bradford Rogne


Bradford has been working professionally as a photographer and celebrity make-up artist for over 20 years. After honing his skills in cities such as San Francisco and New York, Bradford established himself in Los Angeles in 2002, where he currently resides. As a photographer, Bradford shoots with an emphasis on beauty, publicity, and apparel related work, photographing TV personalities, fitness pro's, as well as actors just beginning in the entertainment business. His work has appeared in magazines such as OUT, Allure, Life & Style, and InStyle. Bradford's images have also been procured by networks such as ABC Family, Lifetime, Style and Bravo for publicity. As a make-up artist, Bradford works with some of Hollywoods hottest celebrities, making them look their best for publicity appearances, TV, red carpet events and editorial. Some recognizable faces include Christina Applegate, Paula Abdul, Charlize Theron, Will Smith, and Morgan Freeman. You can find more of his work by visiting

Jillian Michaels

LA Photographer Bradford Rogne

The Guide for Every Screenwriter


Personalized Fitness

An infinite variety of fully interactive, customized daily workouts, or choose from one of Jillian’s specifically tailored programs listed below. For individuals of ALL fitness levels, from total newbie to super advanced.

  • It’s Completely Interactive. Swap out exercises to personalize your workouts. Increase or decrease the intensity at any time and Jillian will respond!
  • Over 800 Unique Exercises that include an HD video to help perfect your form.
  • Pick Your Music and dynamically match the tempo to the pace of your workout.
  • Sync Your Workouts with Health.
  • Bluetooth Compatible with most Bluetooth heart rate monitors.

The Guide for Every Screenwriter

The Guide for Every Screenwriter

The Guide for Every Screenwriter


AUTHOR: Geoffrey Calhoun GENRE: Screenwriting, Screenplays, Performing Art, Self-Help PRICE: $8.89 (eBook), $12.89 (Paperback) PAGES: 130 ISBN: 978-1-7339896-3-3 PUBLICATION DATE: April 26, 2019 SYNOPSIS: Screenwriting made simple. The Guide for Every Screenwriter is one of the most efficient instruction manuals on the craft. This book cuts past the verbose film school expository, and gets straight to work, delivering sample-driven outlines and templates that anyone can follow. It is quick to apply to your work and serves as a side-by-side checklist for the writing process. This is the book for anyone looking to write a screenplay and for any professional needing a refresher. FORMATS: Paperback and eBook. AVAILABLE ON:, Kindle, Nook, Apple Books & Barnes & Noble. TERRITORIES SOLD: Worldwide

The Growing Studio

The Guide for Every Screenwriter

The Growing Studio


The largest musical theatre studio in the world. Owned and operated by actors for actors. Affordable classes, low student to faculty ratio, and the most prolific industry creatives on faculty including Broadway directors, choreographers, composers, music directors, casting directors, agents and more.

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