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Testimonials From Early Adopters

"Awesome game changer in the industry."

"It all looks amazing! This looks well conceived, vetted and adaptable. I see great success!!"

"Wow, that is great! Your passion is contagious! This will be a hit! Good luck!!!"

"This sounds really promising and I would really love to be involved! Thank you."

"This is the perfect solution to an ongoing issue. So glad it’s being addressed and worked on!"

"I'm really impressed with your progress made to date on Gig2Gig! I would love to help!"

What is Gig2Gig?

CEO & Founder, Angela Calo, talks about why this platform is so desperately needed in the entertainment industry. 

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As you know, we did our internal testing and the 1st Beta Test round, and while most of the features and functionality are beautiful and well executed, I found myself wanting more, more, more!!!! Go big or go home, right? 

I have always been a perfectionist and my attention to detail is sometimes annoyingly specific. Therefore, I gave my developers a laundry list of tweaks and additions ... ok mainly additions! 😬 They have been so wonderful and accommodating and they are working night and day to make sure this platform is everything I dream it will be. 

This delay will be well worth the wait! I can promise you that! 

I spent a few days down in Naples, Florida, which is beautiful, by the way, to run a mock audition with my tech team!!! If you haven't been to Naples, I highly recommend a visit! 

Meeting the team at Divine Digital Agency was more than exciting! Seeing the platform in action is like seeing a dream come true! One thing that is exciting is that now, not only will there be the Gig2Gig app, but there will now be a Gig2Gig Casting Login, Gig2Gig Talent Agent Login, and a fully functional Gig2Gig website!! How exciting is that???? Interfacing all players involved in casting is definitely going to help save time and money! It is the Next Generation of casting tools and it will improve the lives of everyone involved.

To be competitive in today's world of online casting, accessibility and user friendliness are extremely important. I hope you agree!?! ☺️

It will cost more 😬 and obviously it will take a bit longer, but in the long run ... it will WOW everyone - I can promise you that! 

If you are interested in being a part of Gig2Gig, we would love to hear from you! You can email me directly at:

The hardest part of starting a business is the waiting game. I never realized how anxious and excited I could feel all at once. 

My vow to you is to create the most helpful, innovative, and transparent platform for artists, agents, and casting teams that I possibly can. My hope is that it will make everyone’s lives easier, whether you are a freelance artist, agent, producer, director, or casting professional, Gig2Gig is here to support you along the way. 

If you have any questions or queries, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

All pre-launch / pre-paid subscriptions will be activated on the date the platform is officially launched, so stay tuned for updates. 

Thank you all for your patience and your support of Gig2Gig. 

It will be well worth the wait! ☺️


Angela Calo

Founder and CEO


We are now accepting ad submissions for the Gig2Gig Marketplace! 

Any business or vendor who advertises with us prior to the launch of Gig2Gig, will be able to advertise for FREE!!! We do ask that you provide a discount or incentive to clients who come to you via Gig2Gig, but aside from that, we do not take a cut. 

So, get in now!!! 

We are looking for coaches, mentors, counselors, wellness professionals, nutritionists, fitness classes and trainers, dance studios, acting schools, private lessons, photographers, stylists, workshops, support groups, online physicians, business professionals and accountants who work with artists, part time job opportunities, hourly job opportunities, and anything else that could potentially benefit the working entertainer. We want to hear from you!

Email me today with your Logo, brief description of your service or business, and your contact information.

Looking forward to having you advertise with Gig2Gig! 


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Why Gig2Gig?

QR Code Scan In System and Running Wait List


Gig2Gig is the support you need to get the next gig!
With a scan in system, running wait list, up to the minute notifications, instant feedback from casting directors, and a marketplace for industry learning and development, Gig2Gig will give you the tools you need to book the next job.

Real time running Audition waitlist.


Casting Calls Made Easy!
Performers are in the right place, at the right time, and ready when you are! Gig2Gig will organize and expedite your casting call so that you can get more talent through the door and see the right talent for the role! 



Keep your clients in the know with audition feedback at your fingertips.
Save time with the easy direct submit feature, access to casting director messaging, feedback, casting call outcomes for each of your clients, and the ability to manage your entire roster from a single platform.

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Just a few features of the NEW Gig2Gig Mobile App


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